Acid based cleaner-disinfectant cleans and deodorises urinals and toilet bowls. Removes uric acid, scale and other stains from stainless steel and porcelain surfaces

Powerful formula cleans, disinfects and deodorises almost all washroom accessories and surfaces. Ideal to remove scale, rust, uric acid, mould, mildew and other stains

Strong non-acidic formula, safer option

Cleaner-sanitiser with built-in detergents, caustic and chlorine additives. Removes grease and residues in kitchen area and food processing equipment

Cleaner-sanitiser. Ideal to remove fungi, moulds and body fats. Can be used on ceramics, porcelain, stainless steel and more

Removes build-ups of body fat, scum, grime and kills harmful bacteria. Contains no ammonia or chlorine. Fresh lemon fragrance

Highly active cleaner giving hygiene and odour control results in portable toilets used in buses, caravans, boats, temporary toilets and more. No heavy scrubbing or rubbing required

An excellent cleaner, deodorant, disinfectant powder. Removes body fat, uric acid build-ups. Ideally used for bathroom, toilet and sink benches

Slow volatilising deodorant blocks used in toilets and urinals. Leaves no residue to contaminate water. Lavender fragrance. White crystalline solids


  1. All products on this website are for sale from one small product, to a truckload, to a thousand litres. Please call Geoff Bryant on 0410 511 645 or Fax 02 6681 4737 or phone shop on (02) 6681 1532 between 9.30am and 2pm.


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