Specialised Products

Natural eucalyptus oil used as a deodorant. Colourless to yellow liquid

A special blend to soothe and condition dry skin during massage

Methylated spirit 95% for all your cleaning needs – windows, stainless steel surfaces, cutlery, etc

Blend of highly aromatic white spirit turpentine, used as an organic solvent

70% alcohol, quick drying, for cleaning almost anything

Contains sodium hydroxide 500 g/L

It is fast-0acting, heavy-duty cleaner for paths, driveways and drains. Pearl white solid pellets

Alkaline cleansing agent ideal for floors and walls. Strong pungent ammonia smell, cloudy liquid


  1. All products on this website are for sale from one small product, to a truckload, to a thousand litres. Please call Geoff Bryant on 0410 511 645 or Fax 02 6681 4737 or phone shop on (02) 6681 1532 between 9.30am and 2pm.


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Environmentally friendly, responsible, high performance cleaning products:

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