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Concentrated with built in softeners, optical brighteners and blend of emulsifiers. Suitable in hard and sift water. Lavender fragrance

Heavy duty offering economical results, lavender fragrance

Standard strength, lavender fragrance

Concentrated formula specially designed for front loaders, with a fresh perfume. Suitable for all types of fabrics

Water based, penetrates quickly breaking down heavy soil and stains. Simply spray onto stains before washing or soaking

Solvent based rich blend of surfactants designed for cleaning toughest stains

Heavy duty, specially formulated to protect wool and wool fibre. Eucalyptus oil fragrance

Medium strength, offering the advantage of being a whitener and stain remover for use on white cotton, linens and poly cotton

Concentrated with built in fabric brighteners and a fresh residual fragrance, mild on fabrics, keeps machine clean

Improved, heavy duty economical fresh fragrance

Economical fresh frangrance

Concentrated, approved antibacterial ingredients and fabric brighteners. Ideal for softening and sanitising in one step

Used to boost up alkalinity in the wash for better and more aggressive soil dispersing

Heavy duty detergent, cuts through grease, oil and stains for effective cleaning results

Highly concentrated, water based detergent – emulsifier. Ideal for cleaning through tough stains

Formulated for neutralising residual alkalinity in industrial laundering

2 in 1 combinations of sour and softener, reduces cycle times, with fresh Boronia fragrance. Safe to sue on almost all fabrics

Concentrated bleach sanitiser, safe on all colours

Concentrated bleach with 12.5% available chlorine for extra stubborn stains. Use on whites only

Highly concentrated, 100% enzyme boosted, in-built oxygen bleach. Excellent for removing difficult and stubborn stains in hot and cold water

Low suds for front loading washing machines. Super concentrated, enzyme boosted with built in oxygen bleach

Heavy duty, with optical brighteners, fresh lemon fragrance

Standard strength, suitable for daily household and commercial washing, fresh lemon fragrance

Excellent stain remover with added buffering agents to protect fabrics

Concentrated oxygen based destainer and sanitiser. Colour safe soaking powder

Concentrated, 100% active, enzyme boosted with a strong appealing fragrance

Heavy duty, economical suitable for domestic and commercial use

Oxygen based cleaning and bleaching of stains upon addition of water. Safe on all colours


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