Kitchen Care / Auto Dishwashing

Heavy duty, lemon perfume.

Highly concentrated, lemon perfume

Concentrated, non perfumed with antibacterial agent

Concentrated, lemon perfume

Heavy duty, lemon perfume

Heavy duty, apple perfume

Standard strength, economical, lemon perfume

Standard strength, economical, lemon perfume, opaque yellow liquid

Concentrated detergent with destainer, descaler and hard water softeners. Suitable for commercial and domestic use

A blend of surfactants and drying agents. Leaves plats, crockery and cutlery spotless

Concentrated chlorine sanitiser with built-in descaler, tough on caffeine and lipstick stains. Suitable for commercial use

Eliminates beer, wine, sprits and lipstick stains. Leaves glasses streak free

A perfect combination of surfactants, fast drying agents and descaler. Ideal where spotting and hard water are a problem

Heavy duty acidic product, removes rust, food and mineral scale.

Effortlessly cuts through grease, oil and food deposits reducing cleaning time. Foamy liquid

Highly concentrated, solvent free, tough on grease, fats and food deposits, quick action. Foamy liquid

Highly concentrated and solvent free cleaner for ovens, hot plates and filters. Foamy liquid

Concentrated, economical, contains a rich blend of caustic and emulsifiers

No caustic ingredients, just mild alkaline salts and solvents. Incredibly safer

Heavy duty sanitiser for floors

Combination of powerful detergents and shiny agents leaving the surface smooth and shiny, with a fresh lemon fragrance

Chlorine based soaker – sanitiser, eliminates beer, wine, spirits and lipstick stains

Heavy duty with built-in descaler. Dissolves grease, fats and oils. Suitable for domestic and commercial use

Highly concentrated. Phosphate free sanitiser. Built in descaler and rinse aid

Chlorinated. Removes fats, lipstick, tea and coffee stains. Excellent as a pre-soaker and destainer. Suitable for commercial machines. White powder

Highly concentrated, chlorinated. Removes fats, lipstick, tea and coffee stains. Suitable for commercial machines and auto dispensers

For soaking filters and grills. Removes grease, oil and carbon particles. No harsh caustic ingredients


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