Powerful formula. Contains no solvents, alkaline or ammonia. It washes away traffic grime, grease and dirt. Gentle on paint

A special blend of mild detergents and wax to give a lustre finish and water repellency. Neutral pH that protects the paint and safely washes away traffic grime, grease, dirt and salt

Neutral pH. Cleans painted surfaces, chrome, metal, fibreglass, vinyl and tolt liners. Can be used manually or through pressure units

Water based multi purpose cleaner degreaser, safely and effectively removes grease and soil from engine parts, stainless steel, aluminium, rubber, paint and automotive parts

Heavy hydrocarbon degreasers and selected surfactants. Guaranteed emulsion break up within 20 minutes

Silicon-water based milky emulsion. Provides lubricity, gloss and water repellency. Ideal for vinyl, leather, plastic and car detailing

Concentrated silicon based. Enhances overall appearance by leaving lustre and shine in any weather. Gives a wet look

Premium quality, non ammoniated, streak free, anti fogging, dust repellent, quick dry and cleaning formula. Ideal for all glass and metal surfaces.


  1. All products on this website are for sale from one small product, to a truckload, to a thousand litres. Please call Geoff Bryant on 0410 511 645 or Fax 02 6681 4737 or phone shop on (02) 6681 1532 between 9.30am and 2pm.


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